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Mini Artisan Pantry


Our mini artisan pantry includes a range of artisan favourites 

Presented in our luxury keepsake box, it’s a fabulous gift for the family with something for everyone! Full of special sweet and savoury foods that are all handmade by small artisan producers in Hertfordshire and Essex.

As part of our work with charity, St Elizabeth’s, we’ve included a tea towel that was designed in their studio. The charity supports people of all ages with epilepsy and other complex medical conditions. Find out more about St Elizabeths’ in our blog.

Please note our Relish is out of stock and a £5 discount has been applied to compensate.



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artisan lane gift box,  Mini Artisan Pantry 


• Taste Award Chilli & Lemongrass Artisan Rub, 80g – P&D Artisan, Hertfordshire

• Apple balsamic vinegar, 30ml, raspberry vinegar 30ml and smoked oil, 30ml – Drury & Aldiss, Essex

• Herts Delight loose leaf tea, 100g – Tealicious, Hertordshire

• Taste Award Honey Roasted Spiced mixed nuts, 75g – Hibiscus Lily, Hertfordshire

• Gingerbread tea towel, designed at St Elizabeth’s, Hertfordshire

• Gingerbread baking mix, 245g – By Lou, Hertfordshire

• Please note the following items are out of stock and a discount of £5  has been applied to compensate – Taste Award Chilli & Tomato Relish, 70g and Tomato with Mango & Apricot Relish, 70g – Hibiscus Lily, Hertfordshire

Presented in luxury keepsake box with red Christmas ribbon and tissue paper

NB. Items and packaging may vary, full details see Terms and Conditions

artisan lane gift box,  Mini Artisan Pantry 

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